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Project Spotlight: The Holy Land Experience, Orlando FL


galgotha for articleHave you ever wondered what the stable looked

like, wanted to see Jesus perform a miracle, sit in on the Last Supper, or see Christ’s ascension into heaven? Recently TBN added a wax exhibit to their park called Christus Gardens; it gives visitors the opportunity to witness all of that and more. Even though it is a new addition to the Holy Land Experience,

this depiction of the life and ministry of Christ is nothing new. Ronald Ligon originally commissioned artists to carve the exhibit in 1960. However, over the years it began to age and fall

into disrepair. When TBN purchased the museum and moved it to their park, it was in need of repairs. Unfortunately none of the existing scenery was in a condition to move with the exhibit.

JMC was able to create new scenery and improve upon what had previously been done with the background environments. The figures are now showcased in a new realistic setting. It is easy for visitors to imagine that they are sitting at the feet of Christ and watching the progression of his ministry from birth to ascension. JMC created each of the new vignettes to be extremely durable and stand up to the constant traffic with-in the exhibit. The new scenery will last for years to come and help minister to the thousands of people who visit the park each week.


By sculpting layers of cement over a durable, rebar-enforced, steel skeleton, JMC was able to create the larger elements in the exhibit. These elements include multiple life size trees that grace the Garden of Gethsemane, the hillside stable, Golgotha, the tomb, and the mount of ascension. Golgotha, which is the scene of the crucifixion, stands around 10’ tall. This scene alone took over 120 bags of cement to create.

Each set landscape contains custom and specialized murals, sculptures, buildings, and effects. Stars flicker in the sky above the stable, Jerusalem bustles with life and a snake with subtle glowing eyes tempts Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

JMC had to work harder than ever to complete this extremely complex project. Those who visit the museum will be treated with an experience that will immerse them visually with scenery and lighting effects as well as audibly with soundtracks that make the story come to life, that much more. Even with a tight Christmas deadline, everything came together to fabricate a wonderful walk-through display that will show people the love and ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

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