Film Set Design

Movie set design plays a huge part in the overall feel of a film.  JMC can be involved in all aspects of movie set design, from the actual design to construction and installation.  We want your movie to be as authentic as possible. To do this JMC put in hours of research and brainstorming to come up with state of the art designs that capture audience’s attention.  JMC’s designers usually start the process by creating initial concept designs that allow you to see what we have in mind for the set.  Once we receive approval for the movie set designs we put our carpenters and artist to work fabricating the sets.  Because we understand the importance of capturing the director’s vision, we also coordinate with those in charge of lighting so that you can know that the end product will look exactly how you envisioned it.  We take special consideration to each projects unique budget and come up with props and sets that are economical while still maintaining authenticity.   The smaller the budget, the more creative we have to become. Impressive movie sets don’t have to cost a fortune.

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