What can JMC do for me?

JMC specializes in providing turnkey solutions for your facility or attraction.  We’ll work with you every step of the way starting with nailing down your unique vision.  We want to get to know both you and your project so we learn how to best meet your theme environment or themed attraction needs.  We provide detailed designs as well as colored renders of what your finished space will look like.  We construct and sculpt all the necessary 3D elements and then arrive on site to install and add murals to tie everything together.  JMC strives to make the experience easy, straightforward and fun!

What Kind of Environments do you create?

If you can imagine it, we can do it!  JMC specializes in diversity; because of this, we are not limited to any one style.  We realize that some people are drawn to ultra realism and others can more appreciate the whimsical line of a cartoon.  Everyone’s vision is unique so we think that your facility or exhibit should feel unique as well.  Some of our most popular themes include: Abstract modern, Jungle, City, Industrial, Historical Time Periods, and Fantasy scapes.  However, don’t feel like you have to choose from just these, we can help you craft a one-of-kind theme to suit your space.  Sometimes the crazier the idea the better the results!


JMC creates environments for every type of audience, from broadcast environments to theme park attractions.  Whether you’re looking for something bright and exciting or soft and serene, we can make your facility feel relevant to whatever group you are trying to reach.  We consider all the functions that your space will be serving (lobby, auditorium, restaurant, arcade, gym etc.) and compliment those features as seamlessly as possible into the design.   We have the experience to realize an amazing visual space also has to function on a day-to-day basis and we can make this happen for you!

What's the first step?

Fill out the form on the "Get Started Page" and give us some general information about you and your ideas. We will contact you and begin developing your themed construction possibilities.

What's the process for creating a themed environment?

First, we have a discussion about your vision, the decorating ideas you already have, and the spaces you have to work with. We give you a rough project and design estimate. Upon approval, we create preliminary sketches for your project.
We agree on a plan, sign a contract, and finalize your renderings. We build, paint, and sculpt the three-dimensional pieces of your themed environment in our workshop, then bring all the elements to your facility and install them. Then, to tie everything in, our artists paint your murals.

Do you have to come to our facility for a meeting first?

Nope. It’s usually not necessary for themed construction. However, it can be done. In most cases, you can just send us a list of the areas and dimensions of the rooms along with a floor plan or fire escape drawing with the spaces highlighted and labeled. From there we can give you a good idea of what we can do with the space and how much it will cost for your project.

How much does a themed environment cost?

JMC’s themed environments are always customized and unique to each project.  Because we tailor our design to your needs and specifications, there can be a wide variance in expenses.


We like to explain that it is much like asking how much cars cost.  It’s a difficult question to answer without knowing if you are talking about a Honda or a Bentley.  The same applies to themed environments.  


Your projects price tag will depend on these unique factors: 
Theme- A more organic concept like trees and rocks are generally faster for our artists to create and paint than architectural themes like cityscapes.
Specific Style- Realistic imagery takes more time than an abstract design.
Extent of Detail- Lots of intricate elements adds up faster than a less detailed technique. 
Level of 3D- The quantity and degree of detail in dimensional elements effect the design, sculpting, shipping and installation time.
Amount of Space- How much real estate you want to cover is also a factor.


After talking with you to better understand your preferences in these areas we will be able to give you a ballpark estimate.  We know most ministries have allotted resources, so we will work hard to find the best approach for making your ideas fit within your budget.  We want to make your dreams a reality while giving you the biggest bang for your buck!

How long does a themed environment take?

It really depends on the scope of your project. There are many variables. In general, most projects from design to installation take 3-6 months.

Can we still use our space while you are installing?

It is obviously faster and easier if we can have full use of the space at all times while we're working on your themed environment, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Is the three-dimensional artwork fragile?

No. We use materials like MDF and vertical cement that are very durable in all our themed construction. We understand that our work is going to be in high traffic areas and we build them to last.

If you'd like to know more about themed environments, call Jonathan Martin Creative today at 1-877-566-6278.

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